Occupy the Igloos

Now that even Harvard is occupied we know that real occupiers don’t fear the cold.

The Occupy movement has long grown out of the initial Wallstreet location. The newest Occupy presence will be shown in Davos, Switzerland at the annual World Economic Forum (WEF).

The organizing forces of OccupyWEF describe: “Every year, self-proclaimed «global leaders» allegedly committed to improving the state of the world meet up for the World Economic Forum (WEF) in the Swiss mountains to propagate their own businesses and network amongst the so-called global economic elite.” Reason enough for them to show that what is decided in Davos is not in the interest of the majority of people in the world. Therefore they will occupy the event, “This year, we will not let them exclude us, the 99%!”

To make the resistence more scenic, they occupiers will be staying in self-built igloos (in contrast to the 5 star hotels of the delegates?!). OccupyWEF starts on January 21 and you are welcome to join in.

In the meantime, why not heading down to your local occupy movement for New Year’s Eve and show your support?


3 thoughts on “Occupy the Igloos

  1. It is hard to imagine the WEF resulting in economic progress; at best it may result in a slightly smoother transition away from globalized trade for those economies highly reliant on it.

    • It is indeed hard to imagine for something good (for all of society) to come out of it… we can only hope that these kind of events lose in importance or are replaced by those who take more diverging ideas into account.

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