Giving Green Light

Cycling is the greenest way of getting from A to B. Here’s a way of making it even a little bit more environmental – and user – friendly.

If you live in the Netherlands you love your bike and you love cruising on the never-ending bike paths. Besides, you have learned that it is compulsory to equip your bike with lights in order not to end up with a fine.

Now, I know that these little blinklights you can attach to just about anywhere are quite handy. The thing is, though, you’ll most probably go through a couple in a year. If it’s not because you lose them (maybe with the help of some stranger in need of lights), it’ll be because they run out of battery. You’ll say: “Well, they are cheap!”, which again is true. But the true cost of these cheap things is higher, as we all know.

So, we have been looking for a practical and green alternative for a while and might have finally found a great solution. It comes from another bike nation: next-door Denmark. The guys at Reelight are using magnets to power your bike lights. Pretty cool, aye. How does it work? In the video below you’ll see how there are two magnets in the spokes which when you are cycling get in contact with another magnet in the light. As soon as you pedal, the light starts blinking (or shining in another model).

From theory to practice:

Yesterday we finally got around to set it up. It doesn’t take a tech-savy to do so. The result is fully positive so far. No more changing (and dumping) of batteries or lights in general. No more re-adjusting of dynamos. Just happy cycling. And you know what? It’s pretty thief-proof too.

Picture by Zonenklaus, dankeschön.


2 thoughts on “Giving Green Light

  1. Excellent! Their web site says they are distributed by Raleigh; I will look for them here in the US.

    That building with all the bicycles looks like a fun place.

    • I know, that building looks amazing, it’s in Germany. Unfortunately, I only have one bike so it won’t look so good if I try copying. Anyway, as far as the lights go, I can only recommend them! (Reelight – Raleigh, I find it somehow funny).

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