A Fair Buy

We all know our products have a history. They are produced by people in an environment and by the use of resources.

That gives you a certain responsibility to take these aspects into account when you buy a product. That makes it rather complicated. Now, I have finally come across a tool which helps you to look a little deeper into the background of the products you’re about to buy. The Dutch homepage WikiFair helps you make the right – sustainable and fair – choice.

We usually look at price and design when buying something. But what about the well-being of animals, child labour, health issues or environmental concerns? Do you ever think about those? Let’s say you’re about to buy a new bikini. You just check into their directory of swimwear and you find the rating of different brands and producers.

It will be a little hard to buy your bikini though since the wikiFair only tells you what not to buy. So far they have not listed any good choices. Benneton products for example get a very bad rating for working conditions, and so does H&M. If you look for mobile phones you’ll get a clearer picture and a more sophisticated rating. The whole rating is shown in a simple way by a flower in which each petal shows a different aspect of sustainability.

For every seller listed you’ll find also the direct link to the sources, as well as the possibility to judge the product for yourself. That way – in real wiki style – the tool keeps growing by the people who use it. The page is in Dutch so far, but that shouldn’t keep you from visiting. It’s mainly organized by icons and numbers, so you’ll find it easy to get around the written text.

Finally, the most sustainable way is not to buy anything. Keep that in mind before looking for the best product. But if you must buy, consult WikiFair and share your experience there.

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