And The Winners Are…

Joseph Stiglitz said yesterday that awards like Public Eye can make a big difference.

He was present when the outcome of the votation was announced in Davos. Unsurprisingly, the 2012 winners are:

The mining corporation Vale – who is part of the Belo Monte project in Brazil – won the Public Award with 25’000 votes out of 88’000. The Barclays Bank – who is making people starve by making money with speculations on food – won the Jury Award. Those two companies have had real competition, but their bad impact on both people and the environment were finally convincing enough.

What was less convincing were the answers given by the nominated companies. No company actually acknowledged any mistakes made and blamed the committee for spreading wrong information.

The Swiss newspaper Tages Anzeiger has already published an article on the outcome of the voting. The star of the ceremony must have been Joseph Stiglitz, who was the main speaker at the event which was held on purpose during the WEF in Davos. Friends of the Earth write about the outcome: “the organisers recognized two corporations that are exemplary cases of those WEF members and corporations whose social and ecological offenses reveal the downside of pure profit-oriented globalization.”

Let us hope the award will bring some change. FOEI quotes Amy Horton from the World Development Movement (the NGO which had nominated Barclays for the award): “we hope this award will encourage European lawmakers to introduce tough regulations to curb food speculation and stop banks gambling with food prices while nearly a billion people go hungry. Women, children and elderly people in the Global South are often the hardest hit by food speculation”.

There have never been as many people voting for the Public Eye as this year. If you would like to speak up against the WEF and its members, it’s not too late. Find out how to put companies on a leash.

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