I Dare You

Dare the World, Save the Planet is the motto – or: what would you do to save the environment?

Earth Hour knows people are ready to give a lot for the planet. Like this man who says: “My daughter has this princess box that she’s always dressing me from. If 5,000 accept this challenge I’ll let her dress me from the box and wear it to work everyday for a week.”Now, his challenge is to comit to recycling. Not so hard, really. You can watch more videos of challenges on the campaign’s youtube-channel.

This year’s Earth Hour is coming closer, it will be on Saturday 31st March. But what was the Earth hour again? Its motto is uniting people to protect the planet. It all started in 2006 in Sydney. Many people decided at that time to switch off the lights for one hour to show their wilingness to change the way we treat our planet. Since then, the Earth Hour has grown far beyond the borders of Australia.

Last year’s Earth hour was quite a success: “More than 5,200 cities and towns in 135 countries worldwide switched off their lights for Earth Hour 2011 alone, sending a powerful message for action on climate change.” Let us see how many of us will participate this year. In the aim of WWF – who is behind the Earth Hour – there is a strong focus on companies, and not only individuals.

Since switching off the lights for one hour is a powerful sign but we are still not changing what we want to see, Earth Hour is now also trying to push people to make real changes within their lives. If you will, I will is trying to do exactly that. Maybe it helps if we don’t cut back on waste and consumption or switch over to public transportation for the noble sake of saving the planet, but rather because we want to see that man going to work dressed as a princess. I’m pretty sure the Earth doesn’t care for our reasons.

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