Green Green China

China is where things are happening these days. What is true for industry can also be applied to agriculture.

And there are some good news: Greenpeace just published that China announced to draft a proposal to keep their rice free of genetically engineered (GM) seeds. “This is actually a world-first initiative that deals with GE food legislation at state law level,” said Fang Lifeng, the Food and Agriculture campaigner of Greenpeace.

This new law would limit all levels of GM food: research, production, import or export. In short: “The draft stipulates that no organization or person can employ GM technology in any major food product in China.” (In case you don’t remember why GM-foods are not the solution for hunger in the world, check out this article).  Greenpeace now hopes that following the drafting a mechanism of supervision will be put in place.

China has already seen dramatic problems in agriculture like for example in the Loess Plateau. In this documentary you can check out how a region as big as France was lost to dessert-like conditions due to wrong agriculture practices. “Agriculture and grazing practices over thousands of years have transformed the once lush forests into a dry and degraded ecosystem. As the yellow loess soil eroded, the silt raised the riverbed, causing seasonal flooding by the Yellow River.” The region is therefore suffering from both drought and floodings. Not using GM-seeds and the needed pesticides to make them grow is definitely a big step towards a sustainable food production – and maybe towards a green China.


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