Silence in St. Petersburg

In St. Petersburg, “gay” is possibly about to become an unspeakable word.

“They did it. Conservative lawmakers in Saint Petersburg just passed the notorious “propaganda” law to silence any reading, writing, speech or debate on anything ‘gay'”, the social movement reports.

What is the new bill about? It is aimed at prohibiting any kind of “homosexual propaganda”. What is meant by it is “enticements, positive opinions and comments that promote non-traditional sexual and family relations to minors”, the Independent writes. If the law passes, Russian people will have to start to watch their words not only in public but also online since “the legislation would target “themed” clubs for teenagers, and the spreading of information about homosexuality on social networks.”

The law is apparently necessary to protect minors from the bad homosexuals and their gay agenda. Since they could – according to the lawmakers – “cause damage to the health or moral and spiritual development of minors, including by inducing them to form warped perceptions that traditional and non-traditional married relations are equally socially acceptable”.

St. Petersburg is not the first Russian region to pass such a law. However, Executive director Andre Banks explained in the Washington Post that “this bill would violate Russia’s own constitution as well as any number of international treaties, is an outrageous attack on the freedom of expression for all Russians – straight and gay”.

Watch this video to find out more about the law and the resistance to it:

Voice up against the law and tell Russia not to go there … on

If you happen to speak Russian, check on this page for more information.

4 thoughts on “Silence in St. Petersburg

  1. Follow those people trying to pass this law. Chances are you will discover that they are hideously repressed and shamefully GAY people. Oh the devil lives in the projected externalisation of that in which we judge ourselves to be . . .unforgivable

    • There is definitely a high probability that there are indeed many closeted people behind this kind of action which makes it even more sad.

  2. This is not just an attack on the freedom of expression for all Russians. It is a downright violation of human rights and the dawn of a new dark age in a country that has known its fair share of totalitarianism. When a country is ruled by murderers one can expect just about anything, and you can count on the international community, as far as its powers that be are concerned, to address it as a footnote. These issues are not a priority in an economy-driven context that pretty much sees education, civility, and information as a hindrance. The thing is, this is not an LGBT issue, it is a civilizational one, conveniently labeled to divert attentions. Fear and generic oppression are showing us its ugly heads, and History just seems to keep repeating itself.
    Congrats on your blog.

    • Thanks for dropping by Joao and thanks for your opinion. I agree, this is definitely not on the top of the agenda of our economy-driven world. Let’s try our best to change that.
      Hope to see you here again, ate logo!

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