9 thoughts on “A Tale Of Two Rios

  1. Our modern world and the way that we ‘do business’ is unsustainable. I started reading this post with disallusion and suddenly realised that this wasn’t going to be a massive bampf hype about this amazing summit but a statement against the capitalisation of anything “Green”. In attempting to isolate truly sustainable materials for our Diploma of Sustainable Landscape Design we came up against swathes of businesses jumping on the “Green” bandwagon. One landscaper had merely tacked the word “Sustainable” onto the end of every product that he offered without changing a single thing about how he ran his business. People are totally disallusioned with the hype about sustainability and environmentalism. It is turning into something that only the wealthy can afford. Who can afford to completely transition their homes to meet societies approximation of Green living. So many websites donated to recycled products when the process of recycling is perpetuating and ascerbating the problem. The problem is consumerism and we all have to learn to live with less. I sometimes feel like I am banging my head against a wall when I am talking to people with three 4 x 4’s in their family who seem to think that riding a pushbike on weekends cancels out the problem. Forget trying to legitimise our ability to consume, lets be honest about our motives. Cheers for revealing the undercurrent of people who are trying to affect real change by minimising consumerism, reducing the monitisation of anything to do with Green and Sustainable and share the truth with us all, not a whitewashed load of garbage spewed out by governments with their own best interests at heart.

    • I agree “green” used to be just for a couple of treehuggers but now it’s being mis-used by the economy to keep on selling with a sustainability sticker on it. (And if turn a blind eye, it does like you say make us feel good about ourselves again…) But reality is only the first R is truly sustainable.

      However, I still somehow believe that we must include everyone if we want to change how things are done. That means somehow getting the 3 4×4 people into the boat: if they don’t change things won’t change.

      • Yeh, I totally agree and the only way to get the 4 x 4 crew on board is to educate them and show them “what’s in it for me”. Nothing like appealing to someone’s inner sanctum to get them to consider your appeal 🙂

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