All Eyes on The World

What happens if the UN abandons a refugee camp? How was China at the time when the Japanese invaded it?

Paris from March 22nd till April 3rd: The Cinema du Réel Documentary Film Festival takes you around the world. Sit and relax and discover new worlds. The festival offers a good mix of new and old, famous and unknown.

Cinema du Réel is held in Paris since 1978 and shows every year contemporary and historical documentaries. The movies come from all over the world: Surinam, Kyrgyzstan and Bosnia and Herzegovina are just a few worth mentioning. Here are some of the movies that are screened in Paris this week:

In the East Hastings Pharmacy in Vancouver “patients arrive for their dose of methadone, to be taken in front of the pharmacist. Over-the-shoulder shots forcefully convey the furtiveness and tension of this daily face-to-face.”

Habiter /Costruire shows what happens when a French company builds a road in the middle of the Sahel. Suddenly, “Chadian managers, French expatriates, nomads and villagers coexist in a space disrupted by the upcoming changes.”

In Bachelor Mountain we are taken to a forest in northern China. There, “San Liangzi, a 46-year-old jobless woodcutter, lives in complete solitude. A divorcee, he cherishes an illusory love for Meizi, the only single woman in the village since the rural exodus has emptied the countryside of its inhabitants…”

No London Today “plunges us into the vagabondage of Chafik, Aron, Abraham, Henok and Ermias, young refugees in Calais trying to enter England illegally.” Which, as the title suggests, is rather difficult.

In 108 (Chuchillo de Palo) we travel to the 1980s in Paraguay where “Rodolfo Costa did not want to be a smith like the rest of his family, but a dancer … Under the Stroessner dictatorship, his name was on the list of “108 homosexuals”, who were arrested and tortured.”

Historically, the focus lays this year on Italy: With Riprendiamoci la Vita the festival travels back to the 1970’s in Italy. These chosen movies show “Italian cinema engaged with political passion and utopia in order to seize hold of life”.


One thought on “All Eyes on The World

  1. The closest we will get to inspirational movies and documentaries like that is watching Showcase (older movies) on Austar. Tell it like it is/was Paris! We all need to remember the past so that we can take our lessons from our own history.

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