Ready for May 12?

It’s time for change. That’s the main idea behind May 12. Are you ready?

For those of us who somehow lost track of the Occupy Movement over the last months, the upcoming event on May 12 is a good opportunity to get back on the street and stand for a better world.

With the following video the global change and occupy movement are calling out for a day of activism to fight “against corruption, human-rights violations, censorship, police brutality and corporate greed.”

If you feel like you’re part of the 99% who want a more just and equal world, are you willing to make your concerns with the world systems visible? So far, events in more than 11 countries have been confermed, amongst the cities are Zurich, Barcelona, Sao Paulo, Amsterdam and Moscow. The list is constantly updated here.

For the history of the event, the organizers explain: “In 2011 we took to the streets, we regained our voice in public spaces, got together, opened up dialogues and shared our dreams. We came together to make it clear that we are not commodities at the behest of politicians and bankers who instate austerity policies making our lives precarious. Instead, we declare, as our fellow Greeks have already declared, that ‘We owe nothing, we will not pay and will not sell ourselves!'”

However, they also make clear that it is up to us to participate and to shape a different future. They day “is intended as a global day of action, to intervene on capital flows and mobility, while simultaneously coordinating actions are launched in order to bring awareness to the world to move in a new direction. It is about building a new imaginary in order to define new human, economic and social relationships and will provide us with that transformation of power relations between governments, capitalist rule and societies.”

Join here.


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