It’s Now Up to You

Do you have something where you need the support of the world?

If it is signatures you need, this might be for you! Remember Avaaz? The voice of the people has now a petitionsite. There you can publish your own story and ask for people to support you.

The organization describes itself with the following words: “ is a 13-million-person global campaign network that works to ensure that the views and values of the world’s people shape global decision-making.”

So far, Avaaz only had the capacity to have a couple of campaigns running at the same time. Right now they are focusing – amongst others – on protest against the newest law inhibiting internet privacy in the US: CISPA and a law in Honduras which would make birth control a criminal act.

If you have a good idea for a campaign, “something impacting your local community, some bad behaviour by a distant corporation, or a global cause that you think other Avaaz members would care about. If your petition takes off, it may become an Avaaz campaign — either to members in your area, or even to the whole world!” It’s only a couple of clicks away: just go here and start collecting support.

The first campaigns launched by Avaaz members are online now. Civil marriage equality in the UK, a call for elections in the Maldives and an attempt to safe the smallest dolphin the world are the first but definitely not last home-made Avaaz campaigns.

3 thoughts on “It’s Now Up to You

  1. Excellent Rahel! I just signed up for a petition against the Tamar Valley Pulp Mill. Cheers for giving us a way to have our voice heard world wide as our media are blocking anything negative about this mill and are only promoting it. There is a total blanket over anything negative in our state media and the bias is incredible! If we can bypass this bias and get the word out to the greater community they might be able to help us stop both sides of state government ramming this corrupt piece of legislation through government and forcing us to have to live with this monstrosity in the name of company profit and hidden handshakes and promises to government. Corruption and political/corporation bullying can not every be considered acceptable in our educated world and should be stopped at every stage of the process.

    • I am a firm advocate of petitions. I recently did a session with a local planner from local government who told me that governments tend ot ignore petitions, but I think there are times when they get so big that its impossible to ignore them. Power to the people, I say.

      • I agree on that, there comes a point were you cannot ignore the people anymore. However, petitions alone might not always be effective. The good thing about Avaaz is that they combine it with media campagins and other activities…

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