The Richest People in the World

How about thinking beyond money for once? This list is not about Dollars.

The (en)rich list is another kind of list than the Forbes one. Both are, however, looking at the wealthiest people in the world. This one combines the people with the most world-changing ideas. It was put together by the Post Growth Institute. The describe as following:

“The (En)Rich List celebrates a wealth of inspirational individuals. Collectively, the people highlighted throughout this website present a rich tapestry that points to globally prosperous and sustainable futures.”

It is time we define wealth differently than just in money-terms and this is list is a nice starting point. The people who appear on the list have a very diverse background but are reunited by answering the following criteria: “They have opened up new avenues for engagement with important matters by inviting us to question what is, challenging us to imagine what may be and suggesting practical ways for how we might get there.”

Donella Meadows is on the list for her research and her most outstanding work “The Limits to Growth”. There is also Vandana Shiva who combines ecology with feminism and sustainable development. Mahatma Gandhi is on the list and so is Martin Luther King. I also saw Wanghari Maathai and Bill McKibben from 350. In total there are 100 outstanding persons reunited so you’ll definitely find somebody you didn’t know yet.

If you go through the list you “see that the list includes a field representing each individual’s ‘Net Hits’. This refers to each person’s popularity on the Internet, as measured by the number of wildcard search results their full name registered on 1st March, 2012. We use this arbitrary measure of ‘success’ to highlight the equally arbitrary nature of other measures, such as dollar figures”.

The list doesn’t try to show us the top of the world thinkers or the people where the best ideas come or came from, it’s rather encouraging us to redefine wealth in our heads. If we look at it this way, the wealth-balance of the countries finally looks more equal even if the Post Growth Institute obviously still has their own western viewpoint on whom to include. It is, however, a nice starting point to a new perception of wealth.

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4 thoughts on “The Richest People in the World

    • Rena, good to see you hear. Your wonderful, encouraging and multi-lingual comments are always a great cheer-up, thanks so much!

  1. Bravo Rahel! To facilitate a global about turn in thinking we need to start withour own thought processes. Showing us the true meaning of “Wealth” is a really good start, cheers for another great thought provoking post 🙂

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