Doing it Right

Moving gives you an amazing opportunity to finally do all the things you wanted to. 

Our new life in Spain started yesterday and it makes me think about how wonderful it is to get a chance to start over. This time, we will try to do things right from the start.

You know how you always think: “I should really recylce more thoroughly” or “I should buy my groceries at the farmer’s market”. A new start gives you the opportunity to get these things right in the first place. Now, let me put up a couple of ideas for those of you who want to start over as well. There is obviously no need to move to a new country or place to do so.

  • Buy sustainably. That means don’t opt for the cheapest but for the one which will last the longest and is produced in the most harmless way. “I know it’s hard to switch off the bargain button which blinks whenever we see those especially cheap products. It’s on us to manually remember how these products are produced in a far away country in conditions which harm both the environment and the people who make them – those who are paying the real price for our good.” Opting for thrift shops and recylced materials is a good way to help your budget and the planet.
  • Find the farmer’s market in your town and get as much of your daily groceries you need from there. And by doing so try to eat as locally and seasonally as possible. It will be nice to change your veggies and fruits as the seasons go by.
  • Try to live Low Impact. Personally, I have challenged myself to avoid flying alltogether for at least a year. Slow travelling and simply discovering the wonderful region I am living in now are our plans. You can reduce so many things in your life and still be happy.
  • For whatever you do need from the supermarket keep your eyes open for Fairtrade and Organic labels. It’s good to know the system of labelling which exists in a country. And it does make a difference – even if it’s just letting the owner of your supermarket know that you care about these things.
  • Use your feet, bike and public transport. Some people never start using buses because they don’t know how it works. So it’s good to find out about that right at the beginning.
  • Look for the most sustainable option in whatever you do. For example, when you chose you new phone-company, your bank or your hobbies.
  • Spread the word. Especially in case your starting over in a new environment. Yesterday I was told by a new friend here in Spain that we are the first vegetarians she knows. You can put people in contact with new ideas and spread the word about a way of living which doesn’t follow the consumerist guidelines -just by living your life differently.
  • If you think it’s hard to do all these things. Look at my guide “How to live green without freaking out”. If the good stuff becomes your daily habits then you will be feeling good about it every day, that’s how easy it is.

We are still in the middle of all of these things. We haven’t found a solution for water yet but are convinced that we will not buy water. I will try to install the water-filter as soon as we get a place of our own. It is our first week in Spain and I’m excited about getting things right here. Do you have any more ideas for a good start?



4 thoughts on “Doing it Right

  1. Congratulations on your move to Spain. Apart from everything that you said here…my grandmother always said (and who am I to argue with my grandmother? 🙂 ) “Start out as you mean to finish up”…I figure if you take that bit of humble advice, you can’t go wrong. I hope you have a tremendous amount of pleasure finding your place in Spain and in living as sustainably and ethically as you are able.

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