Connecting the Dots

Do you have any plans for tomorrow? If not, let me suggest something.

On May 5 the Climate Movement organizes the Climate Impacts Day. The day is all about showing the connection between climate change and extreme weather. Mega fires, fiercer storms and stronger floods are just some of the realites people are living around the world.

On May 5 people around the world will show what is happening around them. So many countries and regions have a story to tell. “In 2010, 18 nations set new all-time high temperature records.” Others are ecountering harsher winter storms. Like the other weather extremes, also hurricanes can be linked to climate change: “Rising temperatures (one of the symptoms of climate change) create more low-pressure zones as hotter air rises. And hotter air can hold even more moisture, loading the dice for even more powerful storms.” Now, the problem is that these kind of distaster happend with increasing rapidity. Watch the following video to learn more about it:

Events and rallies are planned all over the planet from Costa Rica to Côte d’Ivoire and from Oman to Vietnam. People there and in many more countries will use the day to show what climate change does to their environment. Then it is up to us to connect the dots and realize that it is time to stop climate change. I’m sure you can find an event in your neighbourhood.


4 thoughts on “Connecting the Dots

  1. “In 2010, 18 nations set new all-time high temperature records.”

    and yet people STILL disbelieve climate is changing and a lot of it is anthropogenic in origin.

  2. The day before yesterday the south of Tasmania got a 1 in 20 year rain event. Flash flooding, erosion on a major scale and top soil run-off, all totally not normal for this area that usually has to deal with arid conditions rather than tropical rainfall events…you tell ME this isn’t connected to global warming…

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