What Shall We Do?

Let’s find together a way in which we want to change the world.

One activity every year which we carry out all over the planet. That’s the idea the people from Barcelona Consensus had and they are in the middle of making it happen with ACT!First things first, the Barcelona Consensus was born in 2008 in – you guessed it right – Barcelona. It is a direct answer and alternative to the Washington Consensus and its policies of neoliberal economy. In that sense, it is not trying to force a world-view or a new system on people but rather a inclusive, democratic way of organizing the world. The Barcelona Consensus was created in a participatory, intercultural environment and it allows for each and everyone of us to take part it is evolution.

Here are some key elements:

  • It seeks an intercultural alternative to the neoliberal globalization and the northern hegemon
  • It is an answer to the systematic crisis that we are living nowadays
  • It is a new social, political and economic agreement to achieve a livable world for everyone
  • It is a call for Action, for an active citizenship, a commitment to intervention

Now back to ACT! In 2011 the Barcelona Consensus asked for proposals of actions which could be carried out all over the planet and which would make a difference on how we live and treat the world we live in. More than 45 proposals reached the organisation of which the most suitable 8 were chosen for public discussion.

On May 9th of this year the Consensus launched a consultation process in which groups, organizations and networks can agree on a common Action for a Common Transformation. If you’re part of an organization, social movement or other kind of group or network you can join in the debate and leave your opinion until May 31th. The proposal which gets the most appraisal will be chose for the Action for a Common Transformation 2012.

Here come the 8 proposals which are in the race, they are in order of consensus (highest to lowest):

1. Who pays is the one who rules: civil obedience action Redistricting water service. Disobedience campaign in illegal fee payment to the company managing the water supply service.

2. CUR – Letter of Universal Responsibilities CUR – Letter of Universal Responsibilities and the emergency of substituting environmental objectives for climate change.

3. A financing system at the service of people: let’s fix a tax to financing transactions! Withdrawal from the bank of a symbolic amount of money. If possible, also depositing them in an ethic bank, credit cooperative or local bank. Make public the withdrawal and/or deposit opposite to the most representative place at each town.

4. A neutral, participative and secure Net (Internet) Development of a participation module for social movements’ virtual assemblies (such as 15M, occupy, etc.)

5. Discrediting Credit Rating Agencies (CRAs) Invite the public to rebuke the 3 major New York’s Rating Agencies: Fitch, Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s in the office closest to each town. Highlight their involvement in scandals, foresight and lies.

6. Global Action for the Rights of land and livelihoods (Jansatyagraha, March 2012) Large non-violent walk that will be carried out in India and in many other countries across the globe in October 2012 for the Rights of land and livelihoods.

7. Consumption strike Consumer strike 15 october 2012 (with a special focus on food).

8. Umbral Turquesa To hold an international day of festive demonstration, organic connection, personal actions and spread of an agenda of proposals for the change.


Here you can join the open consultation which goes beyond just saying “like” or “not like”, it’s about finding consensus and improving ideas reciprocally.

Here you can find more information about Barcelona Consensus, feel free to leave any comments on the project since I’m now offically involved in it. That’s why I’d like to make it as good as possible – with your help!



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