I’d Just Be Happy to Have a Future

That’s what Brittany Trilford says about the future speaking for a whole generation.

A generation who will bear the consequences of what today’s leaders do (or rather not do) – our generation and the ones coming after.Brittany Trilford is just an ordinary girl, a school girl from New Zealand. But she’s going to represent all the other ordinarly girls and boys at the Rio +20 summit. Brittany is the winner of the Date with History speech contest. Date with History is “an opportunity for young people from around the globe to inspire leaders and decision-makers to act boldly and urgently on key issues impacting the future of our planet. People age 13 to 30 uploaded video speeches telling the world about the ‘future we want.'”

You can watch Brittany’s submission here:

“I want leaders who lead”, she says courageously. Let’s hope the leaders will listen to her in Rio because she’s right: we’d like a future, that’s for sure and we also want a voice in how that future will look like.

Watch all the video’s submitted to the competition here: Date with History.

4 thoughts on “I’d Just Be Happy to Have a Future

  1. Its time to stop making giving up shopping bags such a slap on the back moment! Come ON you guys…time is ticking and its time to make some really SERIOUS decisions. Brittany and our children and their children deserve our instant action.

    • Hahaha! I love this comment. And then I saw in the news the reactions of the people: “I mean, I think it’s good but it’s just so hard to remember to bring cloth bags from home!” … That’s when such laws do come in handy though…expect it’s not enough.

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