Action for a Common Transformation

Marching and connecting for freedom and rights of all people.

Last week I introduced the ACT! 2012 consultation process initiated by the Barcelona Consensus. Now let me tell who which proposals got the most support:

Surprisingly, two action proposals have come out as winners of this year’s ACT! consulation. However, they could not be more different. That’s why the Barcelona Consensus team has decided that they are complementary and should both be supported. Over 3900 organisations and individuals have signed up to the deliberative webpage to share their view on the different proposals.

The two winner organizations, the Spain-based Lorea and the Indian-based Ekta Parishad have different aims but already promised to support each other: in the spirit of the ACT! which is supposed to be one action carried out all over the planet contemporarily to move the planet closer to being livable for all. The two organizations are now getting financial support but most of all have they managed to boost their networks through the consultation process and their fraternization with the Barcelona Consensus.

Here are the two winning proposals:

Ekta Parishad is an Indian organisation following Mahatma Gandhi’s footsteps and his civil disobedience strategies to obtain more rights for the poorest: “In 1930 Mahatma Gandhi and some hundred followers marched 250 km to the sea in order to expose the injustice of the colonial prohibition on making salt.” It was after this non-violent action that India became finally independent from British colonial rule. “Inspired by Gandhi’s example, in 2007 Ekta Parishad and partner organisations mobilised 25 000 people, most of them landless and among the poorest on a 350 kilometre march from Gwalior to Delhi lasting 27 days.” This year, in Octobre, this impressive event will be repeated and up to 100 000 people will repeat the month-long walk for the rights of land and livelihood. The march is called Jan Satyagraha – ‘the March for Justice’ and wants to push the Indian government to live up to the promised made in 2007 to implement land-reforms.

Soon I will write more about Jan Satyagraha and the Indian fight for a better life for everyone.

On the other hand we have Lorea who fight for the right of free online-communication. Their project is a “neutral, participative and secure internet: development of a participation module for social movements’ virtual assemblies (such as 15M, occupy, etc.)”. It is born in what is often referred to as the Spanish pendant or pioneer of the Ocupy movement, the 15M movement. Lorea is trying to give the civil population a secure space online to create “virtual networks similar to the physical social networks”. Lorea is present in Spain, France, Chile and many other European and South American countries.

I will also follow Lorea on its path towards implementing the ACT!.


4 thoughts on “Action for a Common Transformation

  1. Hi Rahel…I was just nominated for an award. I don’t usually participate in that sort of thing but I realised that it was actually a vehicle to give kudos to blogs that were very important to me so I nominated your blog for “The Illuminating Blogger” award. If you want to participate you can, if you don’t feel free not to. I just wanted you to know that you have made a difference out here in the worldly ether and that someone waits for your posts with anticipation and truly appreciates your efforts to enlighten us :). Here’s the link if you want to check it out but its not really about the award (which I suspect is to increase blog traffic to the awarders site to be honest…) its about being able to give you some kudos for your efforts 🙂

    • Hey my friend… I don’t usually follow that whole award stuff but I’m always happy to see you here and I would give you all kinds of awards if I could 🙂

      • Same here Rahel…I think its like those pyramid schemes…its all designed to get blog traffic to the originators site, but it wasn’t the award that I was interested in…it was passing on the kudos to the blog sites that make my day and yours is one of them. I could care less about awards…what is real is the effort and the time that goes into posting informative, interesting and pertinent posts and the people that I think should be rewarded for their time and effort include you 🙂

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