The Day I Decided to Change the World

Today is the day I realize: this world needs help and I can help it.  – A guest-post by Nutsmar Yuvasopee.

I’m one of those with a simple life: I wake up, I go to work. I party, I shop. That’s how life is here in Bangkok. It’s fast and it’s colourful. I do read the news, mostly online. But somehow I have never felt it’s my business – other people do things and other people who will solve the problems they talk about. The truth is: everything is very far away if you don’t let it in.

I’m a teacher and today I brought my kids to the Bangkok office of the United Nations. We got so much informations there. Information on things happening in all different corners of the world. I realized suddenly: this world needs help! There are so many issues, problems and struggles out there: human trafficking, homeless people, abused women and other crimes and it’s right in front of me. Burmese migrants are turned into slaves when coming here to Thailand and animals are mistreated in our streets – how can I not do anything about it? All these things make me forget about my little problems, my material life, there’s something bigger out there. As a citizen of the world, I have to help them.

I’m a teacher. It’s time to be a example for my students: I want to teach them more than art, I want to teach them the art of living responsibly. I already started recycling and chosing a responsible diet, it’s time for me to take the next step: I want to be a volunteer, one of those people who change things. It’s a big step and it’s hard to know where to start but my first step today is searching for a Thai volunteer website.

I am a teacher and an artist. I usually think about things in colour. But this time I see it in black and white. This is my wake-up call. I’m ready to help. Are you?

Picture by followtheseinstructions, thanks!

3 thoughts on “The Day I Decided to Change the World

  1. That was an excellent guest post and it made me feel incredibly enthusiastic about our world prospects when people like Nutsmar are deciding to join the groundswell of humanity to do what we can to clean up and heal the only earth that we have. Well done Nutsmar and Kudos for your efforts 🙂

      • You are welcome and its wonderful to read about inspirational teachers out there who actually want to share the real world with their students. I wish you every success with your life and your students 🙂

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