The Story of Change

Let’s be citizens rather than consumers. We can’t shop the world to safety.

Remember the Story of Stuff? The amazing movie about the system that creates too much stuff and too little of what we really need. Now, their new movie is out and it’s about what we most need: CHANGE. In its wonderfully refreshing way, Annie Leonard and her team explain that “buying better” and recycling is not enough. We have to stop being consumers and start being citizens. “Our consumer muscle, which is fed and exercised constantly, has grown strong. So strong that “consumer” has become our primary identity, our reason for being. We’re told so often that we’re a nation of consumers that we don’t blink when the media use “consumer” and “person” interchangeably.” Unfortunately, there’s no huge marketing machine out there reminding us every day to excercise our citizen muscle. That’s how the Story of Change explains how weak we have become on behalf of rights and holding our governments accountable.

Change needs people who care. And they must care more about the world they live in than the things they own. This short movie is a good reminder of that imminent truth. Check it out here, you won’t regret it:

How’s your citizen muscle doing?


5 thoughts on “The Story of Change

  1. Another great video from Annie Leonard. She points out a huge problem with our Facebook culture: we have come to believe that things change when we “like” them, or when we add our name to an online protest. Unfortunately, “liking” a better world does not create one. And anyone can add false names to an online protest, making them essentially irrelevant. To create real, lasting change it is necessary for us to actually stand up and walk away from our computers. We must take real action, not virtual, to create real change, not virtual change.

    • “Unfortunately, “liking” a better world does not create one.”, so true! I’m just now at the Meeting of Mediterranean Cyberactivists and one of the big topics is that you need to connect online but act in real life and “take the street” as the 15M says. I think we all must realize how useless a signature is if nothing else follows.

  2. We are a world of disenfranchised followers who tend to the beige rather than to think for ourselves. It’s very sad that we have allowed ourselves to consume to our detriment and especially to that of our children. Living simply so that others may simply live is more than just a trendy bumper sticker and its more than apparent that many people are paying lip service to the environmental movement to appear trendy and edgy rather than actually thinking and giving a damn about what their part is in all of this. We are all culpable but we are also all powerful enough to make changes to our way of living. The problem is that we have to WANT to do it. Who wants to stop getting “stuff?”…its a mighty hard addiction to break…possibly harder than breaking heroin addiction to be honest!

    • It’s a huge addiction indeed and everytime I walk out of my circle of supportive and “simple” friends I realize how the world out there is still fully hooked. I realize I can already do a lot by just stating that I never buy clothes or that I am vegan etc…

      • I think its most important to not lose hope or sight of what we are trying to achieve. I know it is difficult when it would seem like everyone is mass consuming and no-one is listening but there is a wave of change…sustainable lightbulbs going off in people’s heads AND people are trying to do what they can now rather than ignore so using that table of processes…we have passed from denial into hope and action and THAT is where change occurs. We just have to share what we know like you have been and people are sick of feeling out of control and hopeless. We all need to feel secure and that there is a future and even the most hopeless spendthrift consumer is able to comprehend the dire times that we are living in if we are able to translate it directly into their sphere of understanding. Its all about hope 🙂

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