A World Livable for All

How about a world for everyone with no war, no hunger and a political system including everyone?

That’s more or less what the Barcelona Consensus is trying to create calling it a world livable for all. The basic document of the Consensus called Declaration 1.0 starts with the very true words: “The current global situation is unacceptable: it is structurally violent, unjust and unsustainable. We are living through one of the most decisive periods in the history of humankind, both in terms of gravity and scope. A crisis of consciousness and responsibility underlies our current predicament. Most current leaders have shown neither the ability nor the willingness to radically renew the existing economic or decision-making structures. Nor have they adopted the values needed to drive a transformation.”

Now, how is the Consensus trying to change that? It offers itself as an alternative to the Washington Consensus a place very a few people in the North decide for the whole world. On the contrary, the Barcelona Consensus has been elaborated by a large group of people from all over the planet – with high attention to gender- and georegional balance.

The main ideas for change of the Barcelona Consensus are to include everyone in the change towards a world livable for all: by signing the Barcelona Consensus Commitment one can be part of a movement towards:

  • A participatory and deliberative democracy
  • Environmental sustainability
  • A social, equitable and sustainable economy
  • A non-speculative financial system
  • A society of shared knowledge and democratic communication
  • A world beyond war and violence
  • A democratic world governance

People around the planet are starting to organize in so-called transition circles where they work on one or more of the above goals on a local scale – if change doesn’t come from above, it must come from below. Furthermore, Barcelona Consensus guides the shared work on an ACT! (Action for a Common Transformation), one activity carried out around the planet by different NGOs, social movements and organisations to move closer to that world we want. This year’s ACT! is Jan Satyagraha – the largest non-violent march the world has ever seen.

Join Barcelona Consensus on their homepage: Barcelonaconsensus.org.

Watch this video from the World Social Forum in Dakar to learn more:



5 thoughts on “A World Livable for All

  1. The only place that change can occur is at grassroots level. Forget the rule of government, we have seen that governments that are seemingly impervious to change come toppling down when the masses get busy and that’s where we need to be working, at the ground up. Love these last 2 posts Rahel! Very very interesting and left me feeling buoyant and hopeful πŸ™‚ Cheers! I hope life is treating you well πŸ™‚

    • I fully agree. That is why I am happy to work with this project supporting and connecting grassroots activists πŸ™‚

      • Glad you liked my comment Rahel…its people like you who have activated my desire to live a simple sustainable life and to learn more about my carbon footprint that are to thank for my newfound lifestyle and passion for change. I have been attending lots of sustainability workshops and will be taking part in next years Sustainable Food workshop and sharing with people how to lower their carbon footprint regarding foods and how to grow and make your own using seasonal local ingredients. We all have to ready ourselves for the events after peak oil and I choose to share what I am learning and try to help people with the information that I am finding out. Thank you SO much for sharing what you are learning and giving us all a means to find out the truth about the state of our precious world. πŸ™‚

      • I’m already looking forward to your updates on the Sustainable Food workshops! The idea of Global Education is exactly what you are describing: empowering people to change their lives according to their beliefs of a better and juster world…livable for all.

      • AND affordable by all. Cut out the middle man…free up that 50% of the worlds assets being hoarded by 2% of the world and lets just see how life can be? We learned that some of the poorest people are also some of the happiest…why is that? Because they appreciate what they have and they know how to live simply and what they are here for. We have missed the point in the western world and we are paying for it with our lives, our sanity and the precious natural resources of the world. We can only put into practice what we are learning, share it with other people and show everyone what can be done by living simply with less

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