Through the Lense

A period in time can be analyzed by the documentaries which are produced in it.

I picked out a couple of documentary films which have recently been released and which I personally will put on my “To Watch List”. Anti-Homosexual bills, adictive dreams and the downsides of wind energy amongst other stories. Continue reading

All Eyes on The World

What happens if the UN abandons a refugee camp? How was China at the time when the Japanese invaded it?

Paris from March 22nd till April 3rd: The Cinema du Réel Documentary Film Festival takes you around the world. Sit and relax and discover new worlds. The festival offers a good mix of new and old, famous and unknown. Continue reading

I Am a Poet

What happens if hip hop, world music or an orchestra meet education? An explosion of words, sounds and ideas.

Poetry and music have a lot of power. They can help us to express ourselves. They can help us to turn the world into a more just place, both on a global and on a local level.  Continue reading

Dear Mandela.

What happened after Apartheid in South Africa? A documentary gives us an update on the beautiful country down south.

“I would like to meet Nelson Mandela and ask him how does he feel; what he has been jailed for has never been achieved” a young man says in the trailer. The documentary Dear Mandela shows brave young people continuing the fight for equal rights in South Africa. Continue reading

Happy Happy Happy

Happiness – what was that again? Since we all want to be happy, let us see where people take that amazing emotion from.

In Germany, the Atlas of Happiness has just published this year’s numbers. Apparently, Germans are as happy as they have not been in a long time. According to this survey, only (?!) 10 % of the Germans are really unhappy. The positive news are that the “Glücklücke” (happiness break) between Eastern and Western Germany has been reduced. Continue reading

Cinema, Migrants and Integration

It is hard to keep up with all the amazing festivals happening in Buenos Aires. Next up: Cinemigrante – Festival International de Cine. It is right now and it is for free!

Cinemigrante is however much more than a film festival, it covers different levels of education and art on Human Rights and Migration topics. Its main objective is Continue reading

Moving Movies

Watch out for these movies which will be in theaters very soon. They sound promising: African immigrants arriving in Italy vs. an Italy without immigrants.

Mainland (Terraferma): Italian Writer-Director Emanuele Crialese tells the personal story of Italians encountering African immigrants on a small Italian island. “The film contrasts Italy’s traditional humanist values to inhuman new laws aimed at stemming illegal immigration and insists it’s morally imperative to rebel against them.” says a review from the Venice Film Festival. More about the movie you can find on Continue reading

The Most Stunning Photos of the Year

I was told I should absolutely include this exhibition into the event section. It is a collection of the most impressive, shocking and breathtaking press photos of the last year.

The World Press Photo award has contestants from 125 countries. “We exist to inspire understanding of the world through quality photojournalism.”, says the Foundation about its goals. The pictures talk about the struggles of our time. Continue reading