We are Watching You

Sometimes we can only chose between bad and worse. This is one of these cases.

Yesterday, voting for this year’s Public Eye award started. But stop, don’t click away because you think: yet another publicity prize. It is one indeed, but believe me, it’s bad publicity. Continue reading

New Year’s Aftermath

This morning I woke up by the ear-battering sound of an air-blower in the street right in front  of the window.

“Of course”, I thought, “this is what you get”. When – after a short moment of acoustic peace – the street-cleaning car started patrolling, I knew it was time to get up and write a post.

Yesterday, New Year, is definitely the day of littering. The streets have in a very short time transformed from being jam-packed with Christmas lights to being blotched by left overs of fireworks and firecrackers. Continue reading

Poor You!

Finally there is humanitarian aid for Europeans! An African NGO brings humaneness to Italy – which given the recent events is in dire need.

Italy has been repeatedly in the news for racism lately. The African workers in Italy – be it in vegetable plantations in Southern Italy or elsewhere – are one of the main targets of the Italian xenophobia.

Hardly any Italians would tell you that the workers coming from the far South are good for the country – even if none of them would like to do the jobs the Africans do. A very contrary view is the following: Continue reading

Bring Your Own

Fill your stomach, not the landfill – that’s what I call a catchy headline for a campaign. Let’s start the fight on the convenient.

“It takes approximately 20 seconds to put our food into take out containers. Convenient? No, it’s actually inconvenient since the packaging can remain in our landfills forever, causing continued damage to us and our world.” says the TakeOutWithOut campaign and promotes change. Continue reading

Environmental by Accident

We all know how the thing with the pink elephant works: the more I tell you not to do a certain thing, the more you will feel tempted to do it anyway. 

Besides, you are very likely to be fed up with the topic I keep on bringing up. That is what might be happening in the post-inconvenient truth-era we are in right now. People are fed up with being scared about Climate Change. This phenomena is starting to be known as Apocalypse Fatigue: less and less people want to care about Climate Change. Continue reading

Let’s Give a Damn

Today, the Argentinian LGBTQI community is celebrating. Life can be sometimes hard for them. Do you give a damn?

Walking around the Marcha del Orgullo – Gay Pride Parade – in Buenos Aires today I realized: all these people are living their problems behind, just for one day. Problems which do exist. More in the gay and lesbian community than elsewhere. More in Latin America than elsewhere. Continue reading

We Have a Voice

Do not let yourself be blinded. The world might seem complex, inert and immutable. But we can change it.

Remember when people from all over the world started to write to George Clooney asking him to do something about the unfair working conditions to produce his Nespresso coffee? Continue reading

What is Your Reality?

Do you believe in Climate Change? Do you know what Climate Change means in Ilulissat, in Tonga or Husavik? If not, it is time to find out!

24 Presenters, 24 Time Zones, 13 Languages, 1 Message is how the initiators of Climate Reality introduce their event. They further ask: “What can change in a day?” and answer simply: “EVERYTHING”. And that day will be September 14. Continue reading