Soy or Not Soy; That Is The Question

“So what do you eat?” is the number one question for vegans and vegetarians.

What people with a little imagination usually picture are dishes in which meat and fish are replaced by soy products – or worse: where there is only a bit of salad left on the plate. The truth is: soy burgers and textured soy protein are Continue reading

Charity Or Fairness

The idea is good. Helping those in need and stopping hunger. The solution can be debated, though.

Bill Gates is investing in the fight against hunger which keeps on rising thanks to global warming. He offers GM foods and geo-engineering as a solution. That is when things become more complicated. Continue reading

Every Little Piece

Let’s face it. It might be simply up to you and me to save the planet. We are gonna have to think out of the political box.

I’m going to be blunt here. I propose that we can stop Global Warming in our kitchen. It might need many kitchens, but if that’s what it takes, let’s get on it. Continue reading

Endangered Foods

What would get you to really want to confront and try to stop the Climate Change? Maybe if your favourite food or drink would dissapear otherwise?

An article from Italian La Repubblica lists a couple of foods which might soon dissapear from supermarket shelfs. I don’t know what your heart beats for, but possibly one of the following is on the list: Continue reading

Ready for SuperFoods?

Food and health are tightly linked. Usually these links are negative, though: bad food habits causing diabetes and all the ugly stuff which comes with it.

It is the third week into the Living Food experience. This week’s topic are the Superheroes amongst the groceries: superfoods. Superfoods are the exact opposite to hamburgers, pizza (even though that apparently counts as vegetables now) and fries. The living food experts believe that they can actually help us live healthy and even get our health back if we suffer from diseases.

Continue reading

As If There Was No Tomorrow

Have you ever thought about changing to a healthier and more environmentally friendly diet? Today is your big chance.

Second week of the Living Food experience. This time we went green in the real sense of the word. I’m just going to say that the food I’m introducing to you today has been seen as the perfect food in China for over 2000 years. Continue reading

Comida Viva

Health is much more than just the absence of symptoms. It means having access to energy and happiness to live a fulfilled life.

That is one of the key ideas of the living foods movement. Since I started a formation in this way of life, I will share my experience with you on Kosmos 9 in the following weeks. Continue reading

Is Organic Food Only for the Rich?

I keep coming across notions like: “yes, but poor people don’t have the means to buy organic”. Are the 1% also holding the monopoly on good food?

You might say yes. Most people cannot afford organic. If you go to the supermarket, the bio brand will cost more than the conventional. Yes. But is it all really that simple? Let us have a closer look. Continue reading

Wanted: The Perfect Eco-Dinner

Today is World Food Day AND Blog Action Day. Two very good reasons two make today’s blog all about your ideas!

Since people always need some motivation I will turn this into a competition. Kosmos 9 is looking out for the most sustainable dinner idea. So please post below all your ideas, recipes and whatever else comes to your mind. The idea? Continue reading

Vegetarian Butcher

The Hague’s Vegetarian Butcher just won the Triodos Hart-Hoofd Prize. Reason enough to have a look at the unique shop and the idea behind it.

De Vegetarische Slager is what the name says, a butcher without meat. How do we have to imagine it? Their idea is to dedicate a store to meat substitutes the way they are usually dedicated to meat. Continue reading