The Little Bird Gets a Muzzle

Just when we start praising the shortest ever media system for its influence on governance, things turn bad.

The Business and Human Rights Resource Center reports that “on 26 January 2012, Twitter announced that it would begin restricting tweets in specific countries.”  Continue reading

The New Warrior

Greenpeace just inaugurated its very new Rainbow Warrior III. The world’s most famous ship – after the Titanic – is back and ready to protest.

The Rainbow Warrior III is “the world’s first crowd-funded, purpose-built, hyper-efficient activist sailing vessel.” Over a year Greenpeace has been collecting money to build the new flag ship. You can see how the ship looks from the inside Continue reading

Here We Are.

You might or might not have heard about it, but the world is about to change. The current occupation of the Wall Street might just as well be the beginning of something good.

You are wondering who is out there occupying the Wall Street? Media coverage has been very low so far and what has been written is rather critical: They call them anti-capitalist, frustrated young people and a disorganized movement. Continue reading

Languages Lost

Migration and our globalized world makes us hear foreign languages all the time. Our impression of linguistic diversity is misleading though, there are less and less languages in the world.

Our century might turn out to be one of large loss in linguistic diversity. Researchers believe that of the 7,000 languages spoken in the world today, only half will probably make it Continue reading

Ready to Work Green?

Green economy, green jobs… it is all over the news lately. Are we finally at the turning point for a more sustainable economic system?

Let us start off with what green economy actually is. The UNEP explains it as following: “Practically speaking, a green economy is one whose growth in income and employment is driven by Continue reading

World Wide Water

In Stockholm the 2011 edition of the World Water Week just came to an end. After the week long of talking, it is to hope that actions will follow.

The World Water Week is hosted by the Stockholm International Water Institute. It brings together experts and leaders from the water sector to discuss and find solutions. This year’s edition was running under the title Continue reading

The Greenest Car of All

Do you like driving? Check out what is in store for greener driving this year. One thing: you might have to learn Japanese.

The German newspaper TAZ publishes an article about the most environmental cars of the year. The Japanese cars of Toyota are the winners, they take up rank 1-4. The list was published by the  “Alternativer Verkehrsclubs Deutschland” (Alternative Transport Club Germany). It clearly states that Toyota produces Continue reading

Now You Can Tell

The United States are proving themselves as an example lately in implementing Equal Rights. One could also say they are doing what was long due.

The law which banned homosexuals from serving openly in the military – commonly known as “Don’t ask don’t tell” – will now be officially repealed. The bill will be certified by the Pentagon today and after a 60 days’ period the law will be fully changed. The CNN has posted a history of “Don’t ask don’t tell” from Clinton’s half promise to Obama’s fulfilled one.

There is a nice documentary about what “Don’t ask don’t tell” actually means Continue reading