Let’s Share

Kosmos 9 is proud to become part of the Creative Commons movement.

There are certain things which belong to humanity as a whole: the commons. They give the name to the creative commons’ idea. “Stanford law professor Lawrence Lessig initiated the ‘Creative Commons’ movement to encourage individuals to offer their creative works for others to legally build upon and share – Continue reading

Another World Is Possible

The idea is the same for the WEF and the WSF: shape globalization. While the first tries to impose it, the second creates it from below.

Every year, during the WEF in Davos, there is also an alternative summit – the World Social Forum – taking place somewhere in the world. The goal of the WSF is to create a world where people matter more than profit. Continue reading

Open the Borders

The question is: how far are we willing to go to make the world better for everyone?

That is always and definitely a good basis for discussion. If you want to make the argument even more heated, introduce this idea to your next talk: eradicate poverty by eliminating borders. Continue reading

Future Justice

Imagine somebody would voice up for future generations and keep politicians accountable for their promises.

The World Future Council is an organization which is worried about the future of our planet. That is why they propose to introduce a ombudsperson to big political meetings like G20 or G8. Continue reading

You Got it!

What is the most precious thing you have? Isn’t it the time you have in this life? It’s the only real thing you can invest.

Time isn’t money. It’s much more important, more valuable. With time you can do anything. That’s why a bank for time seems much more valuable to me than the one which messed up our economic system.

Continue reading

Giving Green Light

Cycling is the greenest way of getting from A to B. Here’s a way of making it even a little bit more environmental – and user – friendly.

If you live in the Netherlands you love your bike and you love cruising on the never-ending bike paths. Besides, you have learned that it is compulsory to equip your bike with lights in order not to end up with a fine. Continue reading

The Thing with the Trees

So Christmas is over once again and the world is left with thousands of holes where once there were trees.

Besides, we also have new mountains of wasted wrapping paper (more dead trees). Isn’t it an incredible sustainable holiday?! Now, let’s be crazy for a moment shortly before the end of this – indeed – crazy year. Continue reading

Peter Panism for our Economy

Whenever somebody asks me: “So what else?” when I voice critique on the neoliberal system, I find it hard to respond. It is time to learn more about alternative systems.

Oil is running out, the planet is suffering, nature and human beings are sick and it’s all thanks to one part of the planet – where people really are only concerned about buying the newest gadgets.

All of this calls out for the fight on progress. It is time for a new paradigm: degrowth. Continue reading

Buy Nothing and Occupy Christmas

Let’s celebrate consumerism. Let’s celebrate that we have a choice. One day, no consumption. Are you in?

Today (or yesterday in the US in order to remember Black Friday) is Buy Nothing Day. The idea is to give the ever spinning capitalist system a break at least for 24 hours. Continue reading

Wanna Get Some Global Education?

Are you a student or young worker? Are you European? This is your chance to bring North and South, East and West closer together.

The Global Education Network (GLEN) is looking for participants for this year’s learning cycle. It includes seminars with participants from all over Europe, a direct insight into Global Education and an internship in the Global South. Continue reading