Action for a Common Transformation

Marching and connecting for freedom and rights of all people.

Last week I introduced the ACT! 2012 consultation process initiated by the Barcelona Consensus. Now let me tell who which proposals got the most support:

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I’d Just Be Happy to Have a Future

That’s what Brittany Trilford says about the future speaking for a whole generation.

A generation who will bear the consequences of what today’s leaders do (or rather not do) – our generation and the ones coming after. Continue reading

What Shall We Do?

Let’s find together a way in which we want to change the world.

One activity every year which we carry out all over the planet. That’s the idea the people from Barcelona Consensus had and they are in the middle of making it happen with ACT! Continue reading

What’s the Future Like?

My mother told me the other day: it looks as if the world is coming to an end.

She had just read about the new report issued by the Club of Rome which indeed does sound rather scary. But the makers of Limits to Growth are not the only ones who believe that the world is going down if we don’t act.

The Tellus Institute is asking similar questions.  The Boston based research institute is driven by the idea of a different world. According to the project called Great Transition Initiative there are three main perspective for the future of our planet, Continue reading