Selling the Amazon on Amazon

Land for sold! Now you can buy the beauty of Africa and the resourceful Amazon river – it’s a good investment!

This article in the Guardian shocked me the other day: “Pension fund managers and hedge funds gather in London on Tuesday for a summit to discuss the next big investment opportunity: buying up swaths of African farmland.” Continue reading

Soy or Not Soy; That Is The Question

“So what do you eat?” is the number one question for vegans and vegetarians.

What people with a little imagination usually picture are dishes in which meat and fish are replaced┬áby soy products – or worse: where there is only a bit of salad left on the plate. The truth is: soy burgers and textured soy protein are Continue reading

Green Green China

China is where things are happening these days. What is true for industry can also be applied to agriculture.

And there are some good news: Greenpeace just published that China announced to draft a proposal to keep their rice free of genetically engineered (GM) seeds. Continue reading

Seeds Running Through Fingers

What is the most important thing for securing our future in food production? Seeds.

Now let’s imagine somebody would take the seeds away and say “they’re mine!”. Well, that’s what is happening. In the global food system we have today seeds are no longer a free good. Continue reading

Endangered Foods

What would get you to really want to confront and try to stop the Climate Change? Maybe if your favourite food or drink would dissapear otherwise?

An article from Italian La Repubblica lists a couple of foods which might soon dissapear from supermarket shelfs. I don’t know what your heart beats for, but possibly one of the following is on the list: Continue reading

Rotten Carrots

“Don’t throw that away, there are People in Africa who are Hungry”, have you heard that before? Well, fact is, it is true and worth to write a post on this story. About that and about carrots.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has published a report on Global food losses and food waste. A wonderful insight into the other side of hunger. I’ll give you a short overview: Continue reading