Common Welfare Economy

An economy which is based on the same values as a personal relationship: a dream or the solution?

Today I had a chance to meet Christian Felber father of the idea of Common Welfare Economy. An economy which is based on “the same collectively shared values that contribute to fulfilling interpersonal relationships: confidence building, cooperation, appreciation, democracy, solidarity.” Continue reading

Why not Co-operate?

The fordist model is dead, long live co-operatives? An alternative way to do business.

Robert Murray discusses in a new Red Pepper article the prospects of co-operatives as a solution to the current economic crisis. It stands out for its focus on accountability and social-driven long-term focus. Continue reading

You Got it!

What is the most precious thing you have? Isn’t it the time you have in this life? It’s the only real thing you can invest.

Time isn’t money. It’s much more important, more valuable. With time you can do anything. That’s why a bank for time seems much more valuable to me than the one which messed up our economic system.

Continue reading

Growing Growing Growing

We grow, the buildings around us grow and so do the piles of books and other things we own. The thing is, growth has its limits.

Inspired by a series of articles in which TAZ discusses the limits to growth, I will be looking at what happend to the idea in 40 years. Continue reading

Peter Panism for our Economy

Whenever somebody asks me: “So what else?” when I voice critique on the neoliberal system, I find it hard to respond. It is time to learn more about alternative systems.

Oil is running out, the planet is suffering, nature and human beings are sick and it’s all thanks to one part of the planet – where people really are only concerned about buying the newest gadgets.

All of this calls out for the fight on progress. It is time for a new paradigm: degrowth. Continue reading

Think Bank

Are you like me, thinking that banks are part of the dark side? Luckily it does not have to be that way.

There are quite a lot of alternative banking solutions. Have a look at Triodos Bank, for example. Your money is going to be invested in environmental and organic businesses, social entreprises, microfinance, culture and ethical businesses. Does it sound good? Continue reading