An Ear for an Ear

To kill or not to kill is actually a question. Unfortunately it is not asked often enough. Did you know the Death Penalty still exists?

Have you seen the movie The life of David Gale? It is about a professor who is executed even if he is innocent. Now look at the numbers on the left, doesn’t that leav you with a bad feeling in your stomach? Continue reading

Celebrating Human Rights

I think it is thime we say Happy Birthday to the One organisation which makes us aware of the need for Human Rights – since 50 years.

Amnesty international has been advocating the rights of those who cannot speak for themselves for a long time. Do you know how it all started? Continue reading

Movies That Matter

Besides the documentaries I usually talk about, there are also many movies which should totally be seen by as many people as possible. Let’s collect some ideas.

Movies that matter” is a Dutch foundation related to Amnesty International showing “movies that open eyes”. All the movies proposed are concerned with Human Rights’ topics. They also organize a festival every year in March in The Hague.

I got inspired by this idea and wanted to create a Kosmos 9 list of movies that matter. With your help of course. Here are my propositions: Continue reading