What Kuznets and his Followers Failed to Understand

Many Economists like to believe that things get better in the long run. Here comes the truth. – A Guest-Post by Laura Schnurr.

In 1955 Simon Kuznets wrote an influential piece about the relationship between economic growth and income inequality. Continue reading

Before the Elections

That is probably not how they imagined it. Before the elections, Burma is in turmoil.

In a week, on April 1st, the Burmese vote for the next government. In the meantime, more and more bad news come out of the conflict-riddled country. Continue reading

Pure Freedom

Free food, good music and no plastic – that’s cycle-lizing in Bangkok.

As promised, I visited the Cycle-lizing Bangkok Fest held on Saturday February 25 at Lumpini park. I learned that bikes are part of the Bangkok lifestyle and that cycling is the new socializing. Continue reading

Green Green China

China is where things are happening these days. What is true for industry can also be applied to agriculture.

And there are some good news: Greenpeace just published that China announced to draft a proposal to keep their rice free of genetically engineered (GM) seeds. Continue reading

ปั่น เมือง – Bike the City

Looking at the crazy traffic in Bangkok, you would not possibly think about getting a bike.

But maybe that would be just the answer. As this fellow netizen is proposing: “go ahead, it has been done before.” And if you can cycle in Buenos Aires, Bangkok should definitely be doable! Continue reading

Green Thailand

Organic food, vegetarianism and green lifestyle are still not so common in Thailand.

That things are about to change I figured out at the 5th Green Fair at Chulalongkorn University, which was held from 9-12 February.

The Bangkok Post – the biggest Thai newspaper in English – wrote about the Fair: “We can all do our bit to save the world Continue reading

Shrimp or School, That’s the Question

Thailand wants to be the number one shrimp producer in the world. However, the price for it is high.

Children under the age of 15 are not allowed to work in Thailand. That doesn’t avert “the employment of children in the industry supply chain, both under and above the legal working age, in hazardous working conditions”, Continue reading

The Little Bird Gets a Muzzle

Just when we start praising the shortest ever media system for its influence on governance, things turn bad.

The Business and Human Rights Resource Center reports that “on 26 January 2012, Twitter announced that it would begin restricting tweets in specific countries.”  Continue reading

The Strength of a Lady

Things are happening in Burma. Apparently, the country is finally opening up. Luc Besson’s film is a good way to catch up on history.

For those of us who haven’t really been following the life story of Aung San Suu Kyi, The Lady is definitely a good start for learning about this remarkable woman. The French-English film depicts the life of the Burmese freedom fighter: from being the daughter of the father of Burmese independence to her youth in India and England, and finally her non-violent fight for the democratization of Burma. Continue reading