Where to Be a Woman

What awaits you if you’re growing up in India, in Russia or in Canada respectively?

The life a woman lives is highly determined by the place she grows up in. A look at the Trust Law ranking G20 countries: the worst and the best for women. Continue reading

So Now We Are Terrorists

In Canada you better don’t speak up too much for the environment in the future. You might just as well be treated like a terrorist.

The environmentalist movement was shocked last week when hearing that a new anti-terrorism law in Canada would focus especially on eco-terrorism. The Globe and Mail quotes John Bennett, executive director of Sierra Club Canada: “It’s an indirect suggestion that somehow environmentalism is attached to terrorism and that’s just wrong.” Continue reading

The Insatiable Hunger for Oil

Something even the outstanding band Radiohead speaks out against in public must be important, right? The tar sand project is showing just how big our need for oil is and how little we care about the environment.

if you are thinking: What were tar sands again? I will quickly explain you. Tar sands are a “mixture of sand, clay, water, and a dense and extremely viscous form of petroleum.” The largest quantities can be found in Venezuela and Canada. Since it is really hard to retrieve the oil from the sands it was not considered part of the oil reserves until recently. Since we are running low on oil the industry has reconsidered.

So good so far. Now, what is the problem with those sands? Continue reading