The People in Africa are Starving

Development organisations and charities like to shock us with their images. They want us to feel bad and most of all they want us to give them money.

How this practice distorts our view of a rich and multifaceted continent seems not to matter. The latest Stride edition writes that Continue reading

Living Beyond the Line

1.4 Billion of people live of less than 1.5 Dollar a day. Wanna try?

The Live Below the Line project challenges people around the world to step into the shoes of the poorest and live on less than 1.5 Dollar a day for five days. This year it will take place from May 7th until May 11. Continue reading

Charity Or Fairness

The idea is good. Helping those in need and stopping hunger. The solution can be debated, though.

Bill Gates is investing in the fight against hunger which keeps on rising thanks to global warming. He offers GM foods and geo-engineering as a solution. That is when things become more complicated. Continue reading

Music for Change

Music can move mountains, right? That is what the people from Playing for Change think as well.

They write about themselves: “Playing for Change is a multimedia movement created to inspire, connect and bring peace to the world through music.” They perform at benefit concerts all over the world in order to inspire and give hope to people.

These amazing artists come from all over the world: Senegal, Congo, USA, Ireland, Japan, Nepal, Spain, etc. Not only does their music touch your soul; Continue reading

Wear Used

Working in a second hand shop (thrift store) gives you all these amazing ideas like “Never buying new clothes again”.

Walking through the aisles of people’s give-away clothes makes you try on things you would have never thought about. Check this wonderful short introduction of the world of second-hand clothes by Jessi Arrington:

It is not just about having outstanding, funky and very individualized outfits. You are at the same time supporting a good cause. Continue reading