The Young Are Still Waiting

20 years ago, this girl moved the whole world with her speech.

At the time, she was representing “a group of 12 and 13 year olds trying to make a difference” and I guess she did. She rememberably said: “I have no hidden agenda, I’m fighting for my future.” What happend to that girl? Continue reading

Connecting the Dots

Do you have any plans for tomorrow? If not, let me suggest something.

On May 5 the Climate Movement organizes the Climate Impacts Day. The day is all about showing the connection between climate change and extreme weather. Mega fires, fiercer storms and stronger floods are just some of the realites people are living around the world. Continue reading

The Way to Go

The Estonian city Tallinn is way ahead of the rest of the world: in 2013 it will be the first capital city with free public transport.

Free transport is a nice way of encouraging people to leave their cars at home – or even better, don’t buy a car. Continue reading

I Dare You

Dare the World, Save the Planet is the motto – or: what would you do to save the environment?

Earth Hour knows people are ready to give a lot for the planet. Like this man who says: “My daughter has this princess box that she’s always dressing me from. If 5,000 accept this challenge I’ll let her dress me from the box and wear it to work everyday for a week.” Continue reading

Globetrotting Food

Going to the supermarket can be extremely challenging if you don’t want to buy products which have travelled more than you have.

Did you know that “Pringles potato chips are sold in more than 180 countries, though they are manufactured in only a handful of places”? Consequently, the consumer can have quite a hard time finding local products in the supermarket.

Continue reading

Climate Killer Banks

How bad is your bank doing as far as global warming is concerned? Are they full of empty promises or full of promising actions?

The question is: “private banks are the first to claim to fight climate change – but do they put their money where their mouth is?”. A group of NGOs know offers us an answer – or better, a rating of the dirtiest banks out there.

If your money is with one of the big banks, you can already start worrying now; it’s likely yours might be within the ranking you are about to see. Continue reading

Charity Or Fairness

The idea is good. Helping those in need and stopping hunger. The solution can be debated, though.

Bill Gates is investing in the fight against hunger which keeps on rising thanks to global warming. He offers GM foods and geo-engineering as a solution. That is when things become more complicated. Continue reading


As yet another climate distaster comes to an end, it might be time we all become a little more climate aware – or maybe even climate radicals – since a climate deal is still far away.

It is incredible what the neologism factory has come up with over the last years in the field of climate. We are very used by now to the terms of climate change and climate talks, but climate fascism and climate war still sound new in our ears. Nevertheless, it is quite probable that these terms will stick around since we are not getting closer to a solution to the climate problem. Let us have a look at the new and climate notions:

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Endangered Foods

What would get you to really want to confront and try to stop the Climate Change? Maybe if your favourite food or drink would dissapear otherwise?

An article from Italian La Repubblica lists a couple of foods which might soon dissapear from supermarket shelfs. I don’t know what your heart beats for, but possibly one of the following is on the list: Continue reading

Environmental by Accident

We all know how the thing with the pink elephant works: the more I tell you not to do a certain thing, the more you will feel tempted to do it anyway. 

Besides, you are very likely to be fed up with the topic I keep on bringing up. That is what might be happening in the post-inconvenient truth-era we are in right now. People are fed up with being scared about Climate Change. This phenomena is starting to be known as Apocalypse Fatigue: less and less people want to care about Climate Change. Continue reading