Revolution According to Greenpeace

Greenpeace is positive by saying: “The Energy [R]evolution will pay off in savings and jobs”. Besides, it solves the problem of Climate Change.

Here in Spain more than 50% of young people are unemployed, a similar situation begins to show in other European areas. What we need is jobs – and green energy. Continue reading

The Thing with the Trees

So Christmas is over once again and the world is left with thousands of holes where once there were trees.

Besides, we also have new mountains of wasted wrapping paper (more dead trees). Isn’t it an incredible sustainable holiday?! Now, let’s be crazy for a moment shortly before the end of this – indeed – crazy year. Continue reading

The Insatiable Hunger for Oil

Something even the outstanding band Radiohead speaks out against in public must be important, right? The tar sand project is showing just how big our need for oil is and how little we care about the environment.

if you are thinking: What were tar sands again? I will quickly explain you. Tar sands are a “mixture of sand, clay, water, and a dense and extremely viscous form of petroleum.” The largest quantities can be found in Venezuela and Canada. Since it is really hard to retrieve the oil from the sands it was not considered part of the oil reserves until recently. Since we are running low on oil the industry has reconsidered.

So good so far. Now, what is the problem with those sands? Continue reading

The Greenest Car of All

Do you like driving? Check out what is in store for greener driving this year. One thing: you might have to learn Japanese.

The German newspaper TAZ publishes an article about the most environmental cars of the year. The Japanese cars of Toyota are the winners, they take up rank 1-4. The list was published by the  “Alternativer Verkehrsclubs Deutschland” (Alternative Transport Club Germany). It clearly states that Toyota produces Continue reading

All You Can Eat

Imagine picking your own fruit just next to where you live. Do you think that is not possible because you live in a city? Pluk de Stad proves you wrong.

The idea is coming from Utrecht in the Netherlands, where a couple of young people realized that there is so much edible food going to waste around them. Besides, they would like to show that we are not depending on food which is shipped in from the other side of the world causing tons of CO2 emissions. Continue reading