Less Stuff, More Happiness

It’s all about “more” these days. Best if this “more” comes wrapped in lots and lots of plastic.

Why is it so hard to reduce the stuff we surrounded with? All the things laying around where we live, that accumulates everywhere and that never really seems to dissapear. Continue reading

It’s Only Yours if You Can Fix It

Reduce, reuse, recycle – but first repair!

This post is inspired by a series of podcasts by The Story of Stuff called “The Good Stuff”. Banning plastic bags, an 8 year old fighting KFC or how to reduce your waste at home are all nice topics but the newest issue of the podcast is what has most drawn me to listening. Continue reading

The Economic Road to Sustainability – 2

Knowledge is power and it should be in the hands of the consumer. How to buy ethically in modern times? – a guest-post by Rhianna Blackthorn.

After looking at the relationship between the economy and the environment, today there is a new factor coming into the mix: consumerism.

In the face of climate change and environmental degradation, it is now evident that every aspect of our existence must be analysed for the long term well being of our species. Continue reading

The Economic Road to Sustainability

How are economics, consumerism and the environment linked together? – a guest-post by Rhianna Blackthorn.

In part one of this introduction we learn about the value of environmental goods and services and the difficulty to account for it in our economic system.

Continue reading

It’s Not In My Budget

“I can’t afford to buy organic, fairtrade or sustainable.” – that’s what people love to say. But what do they actually mean by that?

I understand how when you go to the shop, you have a cheaper and a more expensive option. But – like the economists who should keep us away from crises – shouldn’t we look a bit further than the short-term investment?

I just stumbled over an article by the Good Human who explains how: “Given the fact that cheap goods don’t last long, are easily broken, are potentially full of toxic ingredients, Continue reading

Kosmos 9 Drinks Water

Sportsmen are idols. But sportsmen are not always good examples. Some of them are. They probably drink water.

In the kind of sports I like – surfing, snowboarding, etc. – the guys and girls are cool. They wear clothes with big logos on it and drink energy drinks all day. Continue reading