I Might Need a New Phone

Blackberry, Xperia, Iphone, Nexus –┬ánew phones and types are popping up faster and faster. How can we even keep up the pace?

We are living in a time where right next to paper and glass recycle containers you can also find one for your cellphones. Continue reading

Buy Nothing and Occupy Christmas

Let’s celebrate consumerism. Let’s celebrate that we have a choice. One day, no consumption. Are you in?

Today (or yesterday in the US in order to remember Black Friday) is Buy Nothing Day. The idea is to give the ever spinning capitalist system a break at least for 24 hours. Continue reading

Day 2: Trash

Not buying anything is not so hard for a week. But the second challenge which started today is tricky: not producing any waste.

The idea is to see how unnecessary are all the things we throw into the trash-bin every day. In other words, it means taking responsability and control of the amount of waste we produce. What happens to the things when we dispose of them? Continue reading

Day 1: Consumption

Day one of the No Impact Week is over and the first challenge for week has started: Do not buy anything.

So today is all about realizing that we tend to buy so many things we actually do not need. This means as a consequence that as part of the project we will not buy anything – except food – for the week.

The No Impact Week proposes you to Continue reading

Kosmos 9 goes No Impact

Many of you might know No Impact Man from his book or the documentary. Starting tomorrow will be your chance to make a step towards your own personal No Impact Lifestyle.

The Yes! magazine is organizing the No Impact Week starting Sunday September 18. It means Continue reading

How to Live Green Without Freaking Out

I realize again and again how many people around me would like to live more environmentally conscious and responsible towards their surroundings.

That is why I put together the Kosmos 9 “Guide to Change” or in other words: Ten easy steps to succeed in moving towards how you would like to live your life. Continue reading

Water Footprint

How much water do you use every day? If you do not know, make a quick test provided by National Geographic and find out.

The water footprint calculator is part of the Freshwater Initiative which aims to preserve the fresh water reserves we still have on the planet.

According to the test, I use 4194 litres of water a day. In spite of scoring much lower than average, the result is rather shocking. Another test by waterfrootprint.org estimates I use 1295 litres per day, which still seems a lot. Just to make sure, I also did a third test. Waterfootprintkemira.com says my daily use is around 3300 litres per day.

How come I can use that much by myself? The answer is that Continue reading

Save as WWF, Save a Tree.

The WWF format is a PDF which cannot be printed out. Clever, huh? Now you can keep others from killing trees.

The idea is simple. If you want to send a PDF to someone but you feel bad if they print it out, WWF has the answer for you.

The WWF format is a small programme which lets you save your files in a unprintable way. You can download the programme here.

There are quite some other possibilities to impose a certain sustainable lifestyle on the people surrouding you. What about Continue reading

Wear Used

Working in a second hand shop (thrift store) gives you all these amazing ideas like “Never buying new clothes again”.

Walking through the aisles of people’s give-away clothes makes you try on things you would have never thought about. Check this wonderful short introduction of the world of second-hand clothes by Jessi Arrington:

It is not just about having outstanding, funky and very individualized outfits. You are at the same time supporting a good cause. Continue reading

H to the O

The story of water is much more than just what you drink every day. But because you DO drink it every day, it is worth thinking about. Today: the water industry.

There are definitely some people out there who can explain the problem with water better than me, so please give this smart lady 8 minutes of your life: Continue reading