Through the Lense

A period in time can be analyzed by the documentaries which are produced in it.

I picked out a couple of documentary films which have recently been released and which I personally will put on my “To Watch List”. Anti-Homosexual bills, adictive dreams and the downsides of wind energy amongst other stories. Continue reading

Biopirates Ahoy?

Did you know that Basmati Rice and Rooibos are owned by companies?

To you and me they seem like well-known types of rice and tea which grow in Asia and Africa. Nowadays, however, their ownership is claimed in the US and Switzerland. How so? Continue reading

All Eyes on The World

What happens if the UN abandons a refugee camp? How was China at the time when the Japanese invaded it?

Paris from March 22nd till April 3rd: The Cinema du Réel Documentary Film Festival takes you around the world. Sit and relax and discover new worlds. The festival offers a good mix of new and old, famous and unknown. Continue reading

What Happened Next in Ecuador?

Remember the documentary Crude? Let’s find out how the story of the Amazon people against Chevron continued.

For those who are not familiar with the case: Chevron (early known as Texaco) used horrific practices to extract oil in Ecuador. For over three decades, their presence in the Ecuadorian Amazon has brought Continue reading

Black Century

The clash of civilisation is real. But usually civilisation clashes with the environment and with local communities. It is a fight called progress.

But progress is often simply another name for the insatiable hunger for oil. It is a clash happening all over the world. Are you ready to watch it? Continue reading

Dear Mandela.

What happened after Apartheid in South Africa? A documentary gives us an update on the beautiful country down south.

“I would like to meet Nelson Mandela and ask him how does he feel; what he has been jailed for has never been achieved” a young man says in the trailer. The documentary Dear Mandela shows brave young people continuing the fight for equal rights in South Africa. Continue reading

Bag it

News from the plastic bag front. There is a new documentary out there asking “is your life too plastic?”

This movie got it all. It tells us more about the plastic bags we are trying to avoid and the politics behind it. It also goes into the recycling topic. Finally, you will get more on how plastic is destroying our oceans and how it is bad for health. Continue reading

Homophobia is (not yet) So Yesterday.

Homophobia is a reality so many LGBTQI people are facing every day in the world. It is a vicious and dangerous cycle of supression and fear.

“Gay and lesbian teens are 3 times more likely to report a history of suicidality and more than twice as likely to report symptoms of depression than their heterosexual counterparts.” says Medscape News. Continue reading