Economists Going Against the Tide

Can economists ever leave the market-glorifying paradigm behind?

If we look at the prescription of greening the system, we might as well think nothing really changes. But slowly but surely, different voices emerge in the academia. Continue reading

The Economic Road to Sustainability

How are economics, consumerism and the environment linked together? – a guest-post by Rhianna Blackthorn.

In part one of this introduction we learn about the value of environmental goods and services and the difficulty to account for it in our economic system.

Continue reading

How To Do Smart Economics

Did you know that “about 2/5 of girls are never born due to a preference for sons”?

That’s one of the statements given by the recently published Word Development Report 2012. You can think of the World Bank whatever you like, but at least they are going with the times and looking at how important women are for the development of our planet. Here are some of the findings: Continue reading

What is Wealth Anyway?

In Buthan they collect data on Gross National Happiness rather than Gross Domestic Product.

Real wealth has no money flow until humans impose one.” The same goes with happiness. We all know that money doesn’t make people happy, but still we believe that Continue reading

Growing Growing Growing

We grow, the buildings around us grow and so do the piles of books and other things we own. The thing is, growth has its limits.

Inspired by a series of articles in which TAZ discusses the limits to growth, I will be looking at what happend to the idea in 40 years. Continue reading

Peter Panism for our Economy

Whenever somebody asks me: “So what else?” when I voice critique on the neoliberal system, I find it hard to respond. It is time to learn more about alternative systems.

Oil is running out, the planet is suffering, nature and human beings are sick and it’s all thanks to one part of the planet – where people really are only concerned about buying the newest gadgets.

All of this calls out for the fight on progress. It is time for a new paradigm: degrowth. Continue reading

I Might Need a New Phone

Blackberry, Xperia, Iphone, Nexus – new phones and types are popping up faster and faster. How can we even keep up the pace?

We are living in a time where right next to paper and glass recycle containers you can also find one for your cellphones. Continue reading

No Country for Women

If you are a woman – or ever plan on living with one – read carefully. This might influence your future.

We all know that there is no real equality between men and women in today’s world. What is also sure, is that there are countries which are a little closer to achieving equality than others. Continue reading

Is Flying Becoming Greener?

Good news first: “Europe’s airlines face the imposition of pollution limits.” The downside is: “you can’t solve a problem with the thinking that created it.”

Starting from 2012 airlines who fly to European airports will have to participate in the trade-market for emission permits. Continue reading

More Than Nothing

Today I would like to introduce you to Raj Patel, who calls himself writer, activist and academic (in that order). Others even call him the Antichrist, which sounds even more appealing, doesn’t it?

So who is Ray Patel? He says about himself that he “has worked for the World Bank and WTO, and protested against them around the world.” Which to me already makes him an interesting figure. He has studied in England and the United States and has written several books. His books talk about the poor and the world food system which starves people on one hand and makes them obese somewhere else. Continue reading