What Do You Care

When a video like Kony 2012 goes viral, what does it show us?

Hopefully, it means that there is still some empathy left within our societies. Even if consumerism and individualism are taking its toll. But from time to time, we are still shaken and awaken by the things that go on in the world we live in. That kind of empathy, however, is becoming rare. Continue reading

Education, what Education?

“Education is the biggest challenge facing human beings” in a race between “education and catastrophe”.

Inspired by the Youth, Skills and Work initiative I would like to think about what our youth needs to learn at school. Continue reading

New Year’s Aftermath

This morning I woke up by the ear-battering sound of an air-blower in the street right in front  of the window.

“Of course”, I thought, “this is what you get”. When – after a short moment of acoustic peace – the street-cleaning car started patrolling, I knew it was time to get up and write a post.

Yesterday, New Year, is definitely the day of littering. The streets have in a very short time transformed from being jam-packed with Christmas lights to being blotched by left overs of fireworks and firecrackers. Continue reading

Women Back to the Kitchen

“If not now, when?” Italian women have been asking this year repeatedly. Is the change of political leader a change towards more respect and promotion of women?

Reading the Italian papers one would not think so. Journalist Camillo Langone recently published an article on Libero Quotidiano which he titled “Togliete i libri alle donne: torneranno a far figli”, meaning take the books away from women so they turn back to having children. Continue reading

I Am a Poet

What happens if hip hop, world music or an orchestra meet education? An explosion of words, sounds and ideas.

Poetry and music have a lot of power. They can help us to express ourselves. They can help us to turn the world into a more just place, both on a global and on a local level.  Continue reading

Boys and … Girls.

In many countries children are not simply children. There is a difference if you are born as a boy or as a girl.

Just think about it: in many countries in the world parents are hoping that the mother gives birth to a son whenever she is pregnant. That slight dissapointment when the child turns out to be a girl is not the best way of starting a life. Continue reading

Global Education Matters

The next generation should be the one to make it better. That is why we should do our best to invest our time in educating them on how to be responsible world citizens.

Education about global matters shows this research which tells us that “amongst those who learnt about climate change either in school or after school, the proportion of people who feel powerless is reduced by half”. Continue reading

Tango for Three

Did you know children’s books can be banned? Even if the book is about something as harmless as penguins.

The book And Tango Makes Three is inspired by the real story of Roy and Silo, two penguins living at New York’s Central Park Zoo. Having been a couple for a while, they wanted to have a family and ended up with a daughter, Tango. Continue reading

No Country for Women

If you are a woman – or ever plan on living with one – read carefully. This might influence your future.

We all know that there is no real equality between men and women in today’s world. What is also sure, is that there are countries which are a little closer to achieving equality than others. Continue reading