Globetrotting Food

Going to the supermarket can be extremely challenging if you don’t want to buy products which have travelled more than you have.

Did you know that “Pringles potato chips are sold in more than 180 countries, though they are manufactured in only a handful of places”? Consequently, the consumer can have quite a hard time finding local products in the supermarket.

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Every Little Piece

Let’s face it. It might be simply up to you and me to save the planet. We are gonna have to think out of the political box.

I’m going to be blunt here. I propose that we can stop Global Warming in our kitchen. It might need many kitchens, but if that’s what it takes, let’s get on it. Continue reading

It is Time for a Staycation

No money to go on holidays? Or maybe you are simply fed up with the stress of travelling? It is time to stay at home.

The answer to all your problems is simple: a staycation. It is fun, it’s relaxing, it is adventurous but without the big bugdet and the stress of catching planes and trains and being stuck in traffic jams. Continue reading

Day 3: Transport

Today: “change your mode of transportation to have the least impact possible”. In other words: move your feet! 

Following the idea of “Burn calories, not fossil fuels” today is all about alternatives to cars, trains, buses and whatever loud things we usually use to get from A to B. And maybe, just maybe, also about realizing that sometimes there is no need to go to B. Continue reading

The Greenest Car of All

Do you like driving? Check out what is in store for greener driving this year. One thing: you might have to learn Japanese.

The German newspaper TAZ publishes an article about the most environmental cars of the year. The Japanese cars of Toyota are the winners, they take up rank 1-4. The list was published by the  “Alternativer Verkehrsclubs Deutschland” (Alternative Transport Club Germany). It clearly states that Toyota produces Continue reading