Revolution According to Greenpeace

Greenpeace is positive by saying: “The Energy [R]evolution will pay off in savings and jobs”. Besides, it solves the problem of Climate Change.

Here in Spain more than 50% of young people are unemployed, a similar situation begins to show in other European areas. What we need is jobs – and green energy. Continue reading

Day 5: Energy

Have a look around. How many things besides your computer are sucking energy out of the supply right now? By living without them you realize how many of them you actually have.

Today’s challenge is about exactly that: turning off anything which uses energy – including your computer, your lights and your cell phone. Ready? Continue reading

Kosmos 9 goes No Impact

Many of you might know No Impact Man from his book or the documentary. Starting tomorrow will be your chance to make a step towards your own personal No Impact Lifestyle.

The Yes! magazine is organizing the No Impact Week starting Sunday September 18. It means Continue reading

Ready to Work Green?

Green economy, green jobs… it is all over the news lately. Are we finally at the turning point for a more sustainable economic system?

Let us start off with what green economy actually is. The UNEP explains it as following: “Practically speaking, a green economy is one whose growth in income and employment is driven by Continue reading

Sweat for Your Energy

Now you can finally produce your own energy: all you have to do is start working out. It is even good for your body.

Portland has the World’s First Electricity Generating Gyms. They say that one person working out generates about 50 Watt worth of clean energy.

“People work out because it makes them feel good. Continue reading