The Yes Men Save the Arctic

To change the world you need some good sense of humour – that’s what we learn from the Yes Men.

Their latest coup: exposing what Shell really is doing with our climate. Their fake Shell ads and videos are a successful prank on one of the most ruthless companies active today. Continue reading

We Sue You

Companies can now bring governments to court. At who’s expense?

IPS writes that “in a world where governments are increasingly subservient to global finance capital, multinationals are gaining ground in the fight against state regulations that aim to protect the environment, public health or social policies.” So for all of those thinking that things are slowly but surely getting better Continue reading

Connecting the Dots

Do you have any plans for tomorrow? If not, let me suggest something.

On May 5 the Climate Movement organizes the Climate Impacts Day. The day is all about showing the connection between climate change and extreme weather. Mega fires, fiercer storms and stronger floods are just some of the realites people are living around the world. Continue reading

Ecocide is a Crime

Politics has failed so far to safe the planet. Should we turn our head towards law to finally come up with a solution?

The Earth Law activist Polly Higgins writes about how that could be possible and more in her new book Earth is Our Business. Changing the Roles of the Game.

First of all, Polly Higgins is a lawyer and during her practice in that job she started to take on an unsual client: she wanted to represent the Earth. However, she soon had to discover that there was a lack of law to base her work on. Law does not protect the Earth. Continue reading

What Kuznets and his Followers Failed to Understand

Many Economists like to believe that things get better in the long run. Here comes the truth. – A Guest-Post by Laura Schnurr.

In 1955 Simon Kuznets wrote an influential piece about the relationship between economic growth and income inequality. Continue reading

Dreaming is Allowed This Year

In the US there are two parties you can choose from. Neither cares about the environment.

What was democracy again? Is it that you can choose between chicken and pork? Personally, I wouldn’t want either. And no, that’s not democracy. Continue reading

The Economic Road to Sustainability – 2

Knowledge is power and it should be in the hands of the consumer. How to buy ethically in modern times? – a guest-post by Rhianna Blackthorn.

After looking at the relationship between the economy and the environment, today there is a new factor coming into the mix: consumerism.

In the face of climate change and environmental degradation, it is now evident that every aspect of our existence must be analysed for the long term well being of our species. Continue reading

It’s Time to Control Them

They are ungovernable and wild and they do what they want.

That’s why it’s time to find a way to control Transnational Companies. Therefore, the Forum for a New World Governance¬†wants to generate “the breakthroughs and changes necessary for building a new, fairer and more sustainable world governance.” Continue reading

No More Running Free

Enough is enough. It’s time companies are put on a leash. If not, they continue ignoring Human Rights and the environment.

Around fifty Swiss organizations – amongst which Amnesty International Switzerland, Solidar Swiss, Berne Declaration Greenpeace and the International Comission of Jurists –¬† are fed up with the way companies which are based in Switzerland are behaving in the world. Continue reading