Kosmos 9 Drinks Water

Sportsmen are idols. But sportsmen are not always good examples. Some of them are. They probably drink water.

In the kind of sports I like – surfing, snowboarding, etc. – the guys and girls are cool. They wear clothes with big logos on it and drink energy drinks all day. Continue reading


From No Impact to Low Impact.

So this is it for the No Impact Week. I walk up to 10 km a day, drank no hot drinks and hardly any hot food, ate local, had short showers and of course did not buy anything.

You might be thinking “so what?” and pointing out that our No Impact really had no impact on the world (more on that topic coming soon!). But it did. For us who participated it has changed a lot. I will keep on doing a lof the distances by foot, simply because I realized its faster. I will keep on buying local and keep the level of waste down. Continue reading

Kosmos 9 goes No Impact

Many of you might know No Impact Man from his book or the documentary. Starting tomorrow will be your chance to make a step towards your own personal No Impact Lifestyle.

The Yes! magazine is organizing the No Impact Week starting Sunday September 18. It means Continue reading

How to Live Green Without Freaking Out

I realize again and again how many people around me would like to live more environmentally conscious and responsible towards their surroundings.

That is why I put together the Kosmos 9 “Guide to Change” or in other words: Ten easy steps to succeed in moving towards how you would like to live your life. Continue reading