The Future of Global Education in Europe

On September 27 and 28 the 2. European Congress on Global Education took place in Lisbon: Education, Interdependence & Solidarity in a Changing World.

In 2002, at the first congress Global Education had been defined as “Education that opens people’s eyes and minds to the realities of the world, and awakens them to bring Continue reading

Across the Dessert

This book is both an adventure and a denounciation of a crime against humanity.

Hardly ever has a book touched me like this one. A way only reality can touch you. Together with Fabrizio Gatti I have crossed the Sahara on board of a truck full of (future) illegal immigrants. It’s a business Continue reading

Corrupted World – Corrupted Europe

It is everywhere on protester’s banners: down with corruption. How bad is it really?

Transparency International writes: “Corruption – a Pan-European Problem”. So besides rescue plans and rising debts, Europe does have another problem to tackle. The report clearly finds: “Corruption is a reality in Europe and affects the daily lives of ordinary citizens.” Let’s have a look at their findings: Continue reading

All Those Immigrants Everywhere

You know how people always complain that there are too many immigrants? Next time you can just tell them that their perception is actually fooling them.

The New York Times recently titled “Perceptions of Migration Clash With Reality”. The article analyzes the recent World Migration Report published by the International Organization for Migration and finds that “citizens estimate that there are as many as three times the number of immigrants living there than is actually the case.” The difference in perception is especially high in the USA, Canada, Italy and Britain. Continue reading

Wanna Get Some Global Education?

Are you a student or young worker? Are you European? This is your chance to bring North and South, East and West closer together.

The Global Education Network (GLEN) is looking for participants for this year’s learning cycle. It includes seminars with participants from all over Europe, a direct insight into Global Education and an internship in the Global South. Continue reading

The Slave Next Door

Today’s post is dedicated to all those people, persons, who are living in conditions of slavery. They do exist and their lives are beyond the imaginable.

Im Mauretania were Slavery was officially abolished in 2008, it de facto still exists. But if anybody says that or tries to change that, he or she might very likely end up in jail. It is what happened to Bulkhair Ould Cheikh Dieng. The activist of the Mauretanian organisation IRA who fights to put and end to slavery has been sentenced to three months in jail for denouncing the state not acting upon a girl being hold as a slave. But that is just a story of so many, let us have a look around the world: Continue reading

Surprising Europe

A new TV series shows how the experience “Europe” really is for African immigrants. Surprising, often heart-warming but also frightening stories told by the immigrants themselves.

The series “Surprising Europe” has nine episodes and will go on air this month: from July 8th you can see the show in Dutch Television (Ned 2, or later on Uitzending Gemist), and from August onwards you can also find the show on Al Jazeera English.

It is more than a TV series, Continue reading