Wanna Get Some Global Education?

Are you a student or young worker? Are you European? This is your chance to bring North and South, East and West closer together.

The Global Education Network (GLEN) is looking for participants for this year’s learning cycle. It includes seminars with participants from all over Europe, a direct insight into Global Education and an internship in the Global South. Continue reading

Bring the World into your Living Room

How about teaching a young and interested person about the world you live in, your culture and your language, while at the same time learning about another culture without leaving your house?

It sounds terrific? Well, just host a foreign exchange student.

How does it work? Continue reading

Postcard from Africa

What is your image of Africa? Have you ever thought about it?

Glen participants from all over Europe try to make you do exactly that. They want you to make your own idea and share it. Send a postcard from Africa telling your – or someone else’s – story. Together we can change the image this beautiful continent has in our minds.

“If you have ever thought that there is probably something else in Africa than poverty, hunger and war, then you are right here. Continue reading