New update on Kosmos 9 topics: George Clooney drowned in letters from concerned Nespresso drinkers and rushhour in Jakarta.

News also on the fight for fair Nespresso coffee. According to Solidar, George Clooney has already received over 30,000 emails, urging him to use his position to change Continue reading

Dear George

Since you are an UN ambassador, we know you care. Now, the problem is that the coffee you earn your money with is produced in slave-like conditions. Are you ready to change that?

Solidar Swiss has just launched a campaign which is encouraging people to write to George Clooney in order to make a difference within Nestlé. The multinational company does not like this attack Continue reading

Cities who care

Solidar, a Swiss organisation for a more just and equal world, has made a rating of the biggest Swiss cities about their global responsibility.

The report analyzes the commitment to development cooperation, fair working conditions (rules of action), facilitation of Fair-Trade and the importance of education. The two basic questions are “Which Swiss municipalities act economically responsibly?”, and “Which Swiss municipalities show solidarity with developing and emerging countries?” Continue reading