Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Fairtrade. It’s one of these things everybody knows it would be better but no one finally does it. Until now.

2012 is a great year, the Fairtrade Foundation based in the UK has thought and will be launching later this year a big Fairtrade event to encourage you and me to buy our stuff fair. Continue reading

Transparency in the Supermarket

Today we are talking about the empowerment of buyers, the abuse of purchasing power and ecological standards. Ready?

The German food retailing is known to be the toughest market in the world. Prices have to be literally beaten down if one wants to stay in business. Slogans like “Keiner ist billiger” (Nobody is cheaper) and “Geiz ist geil” (Stinginess is cool) are all over the place. On the other side of the picture are the producers, the workers and the suppliers; they are the ones who pay the price. Continue reading