Living Beyond the Line

1.4 Billion of people live of less than 1.5 Dollar a day. Wanna try?

The Live Below the Line project challenges people around the world to step into the shoes of the poorest and live on less than 1.5 Dollar a day for five days. This year it will take place from May 7th until May 11. Continue reading

Worth Investing

Today I would like to introduce two things: A way of fundraising for good causes and an amazing project by a brave Muslim woman.

Kickstarter “is the largest funding platform for creative projects in the world.” The page helps people find others who believe in their projects. Be it films or documentaries or Continue reading

Top Drop

Two Women. Two pairs of skies. Five of the highest mountains of South America. And access to drinking water for thousands of people.

Two Swiss ski instructors take their love for nature as inspiration to take up the ultimate challenge: They will climb five mountains in South America of which the highest (Illimani in Bolivia) is 6435m in order to give a better living to people on the continent. Continue reading