Where to Be a Woman

What awaits you if you’re growing up in India, in Russia or in Canada respectively?

The life a woman lives is highly determined by the place she grows up in. A look at the Trust Law ranking G20 countries: the worst and the best for women. Continue reading

We Sue You

Companies can now bring governments to court. At who’s expense?

IPS writes that “in a world where governments are increasingly subservient to global finance capital, multinationals are gaining ground in the fight against state regulations that aim to protect the environment, public health or social policies.” So for all of those thinking that things are slowly but surely getting better Continue reading

The Thing with the Trees

So Christmas is over once again and the world is left with thousands of holes where once there were trees.

Besides, we also have new mountains of wasted wrapping paper (more dead trees). Isn’t it an incredible sustainable holiday?! Now, let’s be crazy for a moment shortly before the end of this – indeed – crazy year. Continue reading

Need a Ride?

Carpooling, what most of you German readers will find to be perfectly normal, might surprise people from other parts of the world: why not sharing rides with perfect strangers?

But really, the idea is not stupid at all. Let’s break it down: millions of people drive alone in their cars everyday. The funny thing is that many of them drive into the exact same direction. Shouldn’t it be possible to coordinate it somehow and share the ride? Continue reading

Transparency in the Supermarket

Today we are talking about the empowerment of buyers, the abuse of purchasing power and ecological standards. Ready?

The German food retailing is known to be the toughest market in the world. Prices have to be literally beaten down if one wants to stay in business. Slogans like “Keiner ist billiger” (Nobody is cheaper) and “Geiz ist geil” (Stinginess is cool) are all over the place. On the other side of the picture are the producers, the workers and the suppliers; they are the ones who pay the price. Continue reading

Happy Happy Happy

Happiness – what was that again? Since we all want to be happy, let us see where people take that amazing emotion from.

In Germany, the Atlas of Happiness has just published this year’s numbers. Apparently, Germans are as happy as they have not been in a long time. According to this survey, only (?!) 10 % of the Germans are really unhappy. The positive news are that the “Glücklücke” (happiness break) between Eastern and Western Germany has been reduced. Continue reading

Fighting Fake Food

What the hell is fake food? Well, how about food with more sugar than a bottle of coke but which has written “healthy” all over it?

Thilo Bode is attacking the lies which come to the table and into our stomachs in his book Die Essensfälscher (the food fakers, so far only available in German). He says that nowadays the food industry has to be creative in order to increase sales. So they start telling us all kinds of stories about their products.

Be it “Improving Your Skin in Only 4 Weeks” or “One Cent of Every Bottle Goes to Saving the Rain Forest”, it is no longer possible to simply buy a product. It always has some other use to it.

The author has founded the non-profit and independent organisation “foodwatch“, Continue reading

Word Power

I would like to talk about the revolutions going on all over the (Muslim) world today. But I will not say a word. Rather, I will let a young lady speak:

Ein Traum – Wahlkampf gave me goosebumps. It is somewhere between poetry slam and political utopia. Beautiful.

The video won the German competition “Poet gesucht! Muslimische Wortkunst aus der Republik 2011″ and collected young Muslim poetry artists from all over the nation.