The Future of Global Education in Europe

On September 27 and 28 the 2. European Congress on Global Education took place in Lisbon: Education, Interdependence & Solidarity in a Changing World.

In 2002, at the first congress Global Education had been defined as “Education that opens people’s eyes and minds to the realities of the world, and awakens them to bring Continue reading

The People in Africa are Starving

Development organisations and charities like to shock us with their images. They want us to feel bad and most of all they want us to give them money.

How this practice distorts our view of a rich and multifaceted continent seems not to matter. The latest Stride edition writes that Continue reading

Education, what Education?

“Education is the biggest challenge facing human beings” in a race between “education and catastrophe”.

Inspired by the Youth, Skills and Work initiative I would like to think about what our youth needs to learn at school. Continue reading

Wanna Get Some Global Education?

Are you a student or young worker? Are you European? This is your chance to bring North and South, East and West closer together.

The Global Education Network (GLEN) is looking for participants for this year’s learning cycle. It includes seminars with participants from all over Europe, a direct insight into Global Education and an internship in the Global South. Continue reading

Global Education Matters

The next generation should be the one to make it better. That is why we should do our best to invest our time in educating them on how to be responsible world citizens.

Education about global matters shows this research which tells us that “amongst those who learnt about climate change either in school or after school, the proportion of people who feel powerless is reduced by half”. Continue reading

“Mommy, what’s a carrot?”

I know, I know, I’m being annoying with my carrot stories. But seriously, ask those kids around you what healthy food is. They probably do not know.

I just came across the organisation Nourish and they are doing some fabulous work in order to fight this. In the center of the organizations educational work is the notion of food literacy. Their goal is to “open a meaningful conversation about food and sustainability“. Continue reading

Bring the World into your Living Room

How about teaching a young and interested person about the world you live in, your culture and your language, while at the same time learning about another culture without leaving your house?

It sounds terrific? Well, just host a foreign exchange student.

How does it work? Continue reading